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Innovation can be disruptive and sometimes painful. New technology can make whole industries obsolete, new business-models can turn markets upside down, and new products can change how we interact with each other completely.

We need entrepreneurs to champion these transitions. Individuals that are willing to stand on the barriers of what is new and uncertain. We need troublemakers. 

In this session we will showcase stories of some of the prominent individuals behind these disruptive companies and their troublemaking paths.  

Opening: Johan Hustad. ‘The Pro-Rector for Innovation has responsibility for implementation of the university innovation strategy & relationships with innovation networks at regional, national and international level. He also maintains contact with NTNU's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and coordinates efforts related to the university's intellectual property rights.’

Jonas Kjellberg, has worked alongside Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström on the management side of Skype, Jonas eventually became VP of Global Sales and MD. He will discuss his work on the expansion of Skype, the most popular voice communication service in the world.

Rolf Assev will talk about his work with Opera Software and DragonBox.

Lauren Anderson will discuss how the latest collaborative technologies will influence the way we live, create and consume.




Jonas Kjellberg

Managing Director at Skype; Sweden


Rolf Assev

Partner at StartupLab Oslo; Norway

lauren-054 (506 x 629)

Lauren Anderson

Chief Knowledge Officer at Collaborative Consumption; Australia