yuriy chichkov

Less is More

Climate change is arguably the biggest global issue of today. The impacts upon society are felt across the globe and are ever increasing. The urgency for action from all sectors is clear. In the transition to a sustainable society, we can look to technology and innovation for opportunities. 

The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change gathers the most current and extensive research from across the globe for an assessment on climate change. The 5th report, which will be completed in 2014, collects findings from an array of world-class researchers, academics and experts and is characterized by a distinct call for disruptive action. This reiterates the need for novel and innovative approaches to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, consume less and increase efficiency of all materials and resources. How can we reframe this global challenge as an opportunity for business development?

Edgar Hertwich, a lead author of the IPCC report will provide an overview of the 5th report and its take home messages.

Jonathan Cullen will discuss the approaches and opportunities within materials resource efficiency and the innovative approaches for achieving this.

Frode Hvattum will discuss sustainable business models. He will discuss the Circular Economy and 6 business models for circular advantages


Edgar Hertwich

Professor Edgar Hertwich

Professor of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU; Norway


Dr Jonathan Cullen

Lecturer, University of Cambridge; UK


Frode Hvattum

Nordic Sustainability at Accenture; Norway