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FME Innovation Forum

Norway has the potential to become the world’s leading provider of renewable energy. The Norwegian Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEERs) are a major initiative to reach this potential. The Technoport Innovation Forum will gather researchers, managers and industry partners from all the eleven CEERs, but is just as relevant for others interested in innovation through public-private research collaborations.

The forum consists of four exciting presenters in two sessions, where our first two presenters are from companies working on developing the next generation of wave and tidal power. Our other two presenters will give us insight into how the CEER model has impacted Norwegian environment-friendly energy industry.


Anders Køhler- copy

Anders Køhler

CEO of Floating Power Plant

Arild Gustavsen copy

Arild Gustavsen

Director of The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings


Marianne Steinmo

PhD student at Bodø Graduate School of Business