Entrepreneurial State of Mind

Change needs champions. Individuals with a strong conviction and willingness to fail on the road to success have the entrepreneurial mindset. But how can we cultivate this?

Appetite for Construction

Two friends and competitors. They graduated from the same class at NTNU. They both started a chip company. They have both had their fair share of success and they both want to give back the startup community.

Blood, SWOT and Tears
Blood, SWOT and Tears

In this session, three speakers will share stories of hard graft, sucsess and failures, and how they're now helping to find and nurture the entrepreneurial stars of the future.


Combining creativity and fun with the ability to get things done is not exclusive to Silicon Valley.

Peace, Love & Entrepreneurship

Changing the world with an entrepreneurial approach.


Kick Start
The Kick Inside

The entrepreneurial mindset doesn't only benefit startups. It can be a key ingredient to drive innovation inside the corporate world.

The Live Crowdfunding Experience

A show where you will get to know a few start ups ready for investment. You will even be able to pledge your interest in investing.


Kreator is an interactive technology fair held annually by Start NTNU, and is meant to be an alternative to traditional career fairs