The Live Crowdfunding Experiment

Technoport and FundedByMe present Norway's first live equity crowdfunding experiment. Participating startups will present themselves, followed by a chance for investors to put down their money.

The chosen start-ups are:

AssiStep:  AssiStep gives Grandma the opportunity to continue to take the stairs, instead of being dependent on the elevator. Every year, 30,000 Norwegians injure themselves on staircases, and 40 to 50 of those, mostly elderly, die from their falls.Rails are installed along the stairs and connected to a handle that the user pushes in front of themselves, in the same way one would use a walker on flat ground. It was developed in collaboration with the Parkinson Association, NTNU, Trondheim Municipality and Minoko Design, and has become an easy, discreet device that provides the training you need to stay independent of help.

Dimension10:  An entrepreneurial team of three that produces and develops technology for 3D scanning.The special feature is that they can 3D scan living beings and things in motion with very high speed. The resulting 3D model has a wide variety of uses. It is difficult to get an adult to stand still enough to utilize other solutions, but with children and animals it is impossible.The aim is to fully automate the process, cutting the time it would take a modeller from weeks or months to minutes or hours depending on the desired level of quality. 

Rom & Tonik: Countries with colder climates around the world produce a very rough sheep wool, too rough for the textile industry, so much of this brilliant raw material disposed of or incinerated. The two young designers began to investigate what this rough wool could be used for. The wool was tested for many different purposes, but when the results of acoustic testing showed that it was an amazing sound absorber, the idea began to take shape.FeltTile is a noise reducing product for use in open public landscape and office environments. It is a flexible modular silencer and divider of 100% wool with unique properties. Today, Rom & Tonik has installed more than 20 projects in Norway. After its debut at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February, they now seek funds to grow their business into more markets.