photo by ITheGuruI

A Celebration of Failures

Failures come in all shapes and sizes at all times and are somewhat unavoidable. Failure is typically viewed negatively, yet historically learning from our mistakes has been advised. Starting a new business is challenging and two of three startups fail. 

Viewing failures objectively is an important ability; having the courage to acknowledge failure, investigate its root cause and truly own the experience it is a powerful and vital stance and skill. Here we will celebrate some failure stories and embrace the experience and lessons learned. 

Sometimes business will not recover, and it is better to die gracefully and start again. Jan van Kranendonk will discuss how he embraced failure with his startup Sunuru.

Kristianne Ervik will talk about fabulous failures.

Kim Daniel Arthur's talk is called Quick rise, Quick fall about Playfish.



Kristianne Ervik

Research Fellow at NTNU; Norway

Photo JvK BW

Jan van Kranendonk

Entrepreneur; Netherlands


Kim Daniel Arthur

Product and Tech at Superplus; Norway